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Cosmetic Acupuncture Facelift Anti Aging Cosmetic Acupuncture Facelift for wrinkles in Ashburn, Loudoun Anti Aging skin care doctor

What is it? Ashburn Acupuncture Facelift Treatments in Broadlands, Loudoun, VA

Cosmetic acupuncture or acupuncture facelift is a non- surgical alternative to plastic/cosmetic surgery. It’s a procedure that will help to rejuvenate and revitalize your whole body in addition to your face. Blood circulation is increased, skin is nourished and collagen production is increased, all to diminish the appearance of lines, wrinkles and sagging or dull skin. 

Based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, cosmetic acupuncture uses the bodies own healing system.  Its own energy, prompted by hair thin needles, stimulates a response to balance the bodies energy overall and treat the factors contributing to the aging process as well. As the circulation improves, a greater amount of qi and blood are circulated to the face, nourishing, hydrating and toning the skin, leading to a diminished appearance of wrinkles.edspa Services: Cosmetic Botox

What do I have to do? Leesburg cosmetic acupuncture

For optimal results, treatments twice weekly are recommended. Lasting results are visible around the 6th or 7th treatment, with some results noticeable immediately. Our own experience and research has shown that results from a series of 12 sessions performed annually or even biannually can last for years. Maintenance treatments can prolong the results, possibly making a second round of twice weekly treatments unnecessary.

Cosmetic acupuncture is a great way to rejuvenate before the holidays or events such as weddings, high school reunions and birthdayging botox injection for wrinkles

Cosmetic Acupuncture or Surgery? Cosmetic acupuncture, Ashburn Dermatology, Skin Care Doctor
Cosmetic Acupuncture is a great natural alternative to surgical procedures or injections and can be considered by anyone as a more cost effective and safe procedure. It is relatively painless and has no negative side effects, so there is no need for recovery as there is no trauma inflicted on the body. Allergic reactions to injections are also not a concern, as no foreign substance is introduced to the face or body..

More Benefits of Cosmetic Acupuncture…? Cosmetic Nonsurgical facelift, Ashburn Dermatology, Skin Care Doctor
Help eliminate or minimize fine lines
Help reduce double chin and jowls
 Reduce frown lines
 Lift saggy, droopy skin and eyelids
 Define cheekbones
 Increase collagen production
 Brighten the eyes
 Improve muscle tone
 Improve hormonal balance to reduce acne
 Even facial tone and color
 Leave the skin glowing and more radiant
 Leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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