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Individualized Custom Packages. IPL, chemical peels, facial acupuncture can be included as part of a individualized skin care program, tailored specifically to your skin. Our program starts with a detailed interview of your concerns, and examination of your skin. After a complete consultation, a personalized package is created to meet your needs. Healthy, vibrant skin is not a secret, it is just a matter of determining which products or procedures are most appropriate for your unique skin.

Bridal Spa Package, inlcudes Laser Hair Removal of the underarms and bikini line, Botox cosmetic treatment, Rejuvenating chemical peel package, Obagi Elastaderm and Weight loss counseling, treatment and 1 year gym membership.

A New You. includes Laser Hair Removal of underarms, bikini line and underarms, Botox cosmetic treatment, Rejuvenating chemical peel package, Lasik corrective surgery, Weight Loss counseling and treatment, with 1 year gym membership.

Wrinkles and Creases, includes Cosmetic Botox, Rejuvenating chemical peel package, Skin Medica TNS Cream, and Obagi Elastaderm cream for your eyes. Sample

Dream Eyes, includes Botox Cosmetic, Rejuvenating chemical peel package, Lasik Corrective surgery, Skin Medica eye illumination cream, and Lasik corrective surgery.

Acne includes clarifying chemical peel package, Obagi Clenziderm, Neostrata wash, and Neostrata high potency cream.

Spots and Sun damage, includes Obagi Nu-Derm and IPL fotofacial package. Sample

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